The Tomorrows Children Face When a Parent Dies

Wishing to help grieving children, including her own, cope with the death of a parent, Thalia produced The Tomorrows Children Face When A Parent Dies. This DVD highlights the help available to bereaved children through grief loss groups. Additional insight about the issue of children and bereavement is provided by clergy, counselors and surviving parents.

The purpose of the accompanying study guide is to supplement the rich information contained in The Tomorrows Children Face When A Parent Dies video with content that allows people in ministry to reflect on their own experiences of grief, as well as to provide easily accessible information at hand when ministering to children who are grieving.

Thalia's desire has always been for this video to offer hope and solace to grieving families. She wants to let them know they are not alone. There are many people who care and who wish to help. She also hopes that this video, along with the study guide, will serve as a catalyst for families and faith communities to have their own open discussions about death and to teach their children well.